Membership changes FAQ

Who proposed the change and why?
UKRA Council proposed the change to reduce the administration overhead of proxying BMFA insurance requests for UKRA members. These insurance requests represent a significant administrative burden when BMFA insurance is already available through BMFA affiliated rocketry clubs or most recently, direct with the BMFA itself as a country member. The reduction in administrative overhead will permit the UKRA Council to spend more time on matters more relevant to current members and rocketry as a whole.

What are the financial implications?
Current predictions are for a marginal or no reduction in UKRA finances over the course of the coming years, however UKRA aims to grow participation in rocketry so is optimistic that any marginal decline will be temporary.

Why should I join UKRA?
To support the aims of the organisation as listed here, including the Safety and Technical consultation system, the HPR Certification Programme, the Model Achievement Programme and government liaison for national level activities. This latter point is critical at a national level and drives consistency in regulation through the CAA, the Home Office and regional police forces. All members are permitted to vote at annual general meetings and are encouraged to stand for council positions to assist in driving the Association forward.

How do I get insurance for flying?
Insurance for flying is provided through the BMFA and can be purchased through your local BMFA club (including most rocketry clubs) or direct from the BMFA. Insurance is required to fly rockets at UKRA affiliated clubs.

How does membership differ for LPR, MPR and HPR fliers?
There is no difference in membership for LPR, MPR and HPR fliers. All rocket fliers are encouraged to become a member of UKRA to support advancement and promotion of their hobby and can get a membership card. To cover the administration and materials associated with HPR certifications a fee is levied, covering the production of a new membership card and certificate. A non-member achieving HPR certification will become a UKRA member as part of the certification registration fee.

When do these changes come into effect?
The changes took effect immediately upon passing of the vote at the 2017 AGM. Annual membership of UKRA is no longer available.

How do I renew my UKRA membership?
UKRA members with current membership at the time of the AGM (Saturday 2nd September 2017) are automatically grandfathered into the lifetime membership system. Previous members can renew online by submitting the membership fee (£10) or by successfully completing a certification and submitting the relevant paperwork and fee (also £10).

How do I prove my insurance status?
The BMFA issues a certificate of insurance and annual blue membership card. Place the blue membership card in the rear of your UKRA membership card holder. RSOs and clubs should check members certification level by reviewing the front of the membership card holder and insurance status by reviewing the back of the membership card holder

Do we expect for these changes to be permanent?
It is expected for the new membership system to be reviewed at the next AGM and any future changes (including potential reversions to the current membership system) to be proposed and voted as part of the normal process.

What happens if I lose my card. How do I get a replacement?
Replacement cards will be provided for £10.

How do I join UKRA?
Go to or complete a certification.