The United Kingdom Rocketry Association (UKRA) promotes and represents high power, medium power and model rocketry in the United Kingdom for amateur research, educational and recreational purposes. UKRA is also the specialist technical body to the BMFA with responsibilities for High Power Rocketry.

Changing with the times.

As some of you already know, the UKRA website is long past due for a revamp and we have been working hard to create a new smoother and simpler site.
This is now ready to go live but as a result of this transition the old UKRA forums will no longer be accessible and we have taken the decision not to host forums on the new site. There are many reasons for this and with the advent and growth of other sites such as TRF (the Rocketry Forum) and the UKRA Facebook pages we are certain that members will find places to discuss all things rocketry related.

Departures from Council

Russell Strand the chairman, and Martyn Turner have resigned from council.

It should be mentioned that Simon Heavens and Rod Stephenson have also both stood down from the Council. However, Simon continues as UKRA Membership Secretary and Rod as Treasurer and the Council are keeping in close touch on Membership and Finance matters.

The UKRA council feel saddened by these recent departures and would like to take this opportunity to offer their sincere thanks to all of the aforementioned, for their hard work and dedication to the UK Rocketry scene over many years.

We genuinely hope that all of our departing colleagues enjoy their freedom from the rigors of council and get back to what they all love best – flying rockets!

Richard Parkin, 1975 to 2015. Former UKRA Member 1258, RIP.

It is with sadness that the UKRA Council notes the death of rocketeer and UKRA Member Richard Parkin. This sad news was brought to the Council's attention by Richard's sister Gill Chetcuti. It is thought that Richard passed away on the weekend of Saturday 18th - Sunday 19th April, however, the date of Richard's death has been put at Tuesday 21st April, as that is the date upon which he was found at home by paramedics. Richard was thirty-nine years old at the time of his passing. He had been unwell for some time. Cause of death has been established as a heart attack.

We Need Your Pics !!!

We need your pictures !
We are working hard behind the scenes to bring you a brand new website and we're looking for lots of nice new pictures.
Ideally they need to be fairly large (at least 1000px on the longest edge) so we can crop and resize if necessary.
Whilst we do want some great launch shots, we are also looking for group shots, families, flight lines and folks with big smiles to show UK rocketry at is biggest and brightest.

Gather your "six of the best" (we're not after loads and loads) and send them to ukra-pics.

Cheers folks

Update - this is now complete, many thanks to all who submitted.

UKRA launch event proposal


At the recent UKRA AGM, Damian Burrin put forward a proposal for a National Launch Event. The AGM decided that The Council would make this proposal available to the membership via the website and welcomes any comments and suggestions surrounding the proposal. Mainly we would like to know if this is something which the membership agree with and we encourage you to add your comments via the forum or via email to council[at] I will start a forum thread linking to this post as a container for members' input.

Many thanks,

Russ Strand UKRA# 1441 L3 RSO
UKRA Chair

There has been a lot of discussion at recent AGMs and on forums about whether or not UKRA should put on a national launch, whether this is needed anymore and who should organise it.

UKRA AGM Interim Report

Dear UKRA Members.

This is an interim, concise statement of the most essential proceedings and outcomes of the 2014 UKRA AGM, and on actions following on from that. This statement is being issued to provide an essentials report from the AGM, pending the publishing of the Full Minutes of the AGM. It will also be e-mailed to all UKRA 2014 Members.

The AGM was held at the National Space Centre, Leicester, on the afternoon of Saturday 24th January 2014. The AGM was formally opened at 1.05 PM, and closed at a little after 4 PM.

19 UKRA Members attended, including all of the 2014 Council.

As the number of candidates who stood for the 2015 Council, six, was less than the eight places for a full Council, there was no Election. The Council for 2015 is -

Russ Strand - Chair.

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