New Rocketry Book.

Scottish rocketeer Rick Newlands has published a book entitled 'Rocket Science and Spaceflight for Young Rocketeers'.

It's a family book: the first half of the book can be understood by a smart 12 year old, whilst the second half is a bit more technical, and is aimed at readers from 14 to adult, so use it to brush up on your rocket science!

The book is illustrated with lots of diagrams, and there are lots of photographs, some of which were supplied by Adrian Hurt. The book discusses forces, gravity, how rockets work, and how to build your own spaceship powered by a large nitrous hybrid rocket engine; this engine is designed in the final chapters.
There's also a chapter on how to build your first homemade Estes-powered model rocket, courtesy of information supplied by John Bonsor, and the UKRA safety code is used to keep the modeller safe when he/she fires this rocket.
The book looks at spaceflight from a British perspective, there's a chapter on how you could launch yourself into Space from the north coast of Scotland; what it would feel like, and what you'd see out the window.

To order a copy of the book, go to Amazon, and search on 'young rocketeers', or go to the publishers and search on 'Richard Newlands'.

Rick wrote the book for rocketeers, both new or experienced, so he
hopes you enjoy it!

Rocket Science!