UKRA Council Announcement

UKRA Council Announcement

Dear members,

We are pleased to announce that the new UKRA Council had its first meeting last night (5th October 2021)

Chairman: Paul Carter
Deputy Chairman: Stuart Livings
Secretary: Andy Calver
Treasurer: Michael Hoffman
Ron Hatcher
Aaron McNeil
Daniel Innes
Apologies: Ben Jarvis
1. Personal interest & Conflict of interest
2. Membership
3. Code of Conduct

The Chair opened the meeting

Item 1) All parties present gave an overview of personal interest & conflict of interest.

Item 2) It is fully understood that the current system is not working as it should. It was agreed by all parties that there is a requirement for a more automated approach.
A sub-committee has been formed headed by Ron Hatcher to look at what is available off the shelf and report back to the committee within a month.

Naomi Mildenhall will operate the existing membership going forward. However, Andy Calver has agreed to continue with membership admin until they arrange a handover. Further updates on the existing process will be forthcoming (timescale 2-3 weeks approx)

Item 3) A code of conduct is a main priority of the Executive. The Chair gave an overview to the council of what he believes in. The Chair stated that the council is here for the benefit of UKRA, the growth of UKRA, the growth of UK armature rocketry, its members and the wilder rocketry community. Council members should put UKRA first in all their dealings when representing UKRA. No council member should be using their position on UKRA for any personal gain whatsoever. This was fully accepted by the all parties present.
A sub-committee has been formed headed by Mike Hoffman and report back to the committee within a month.

AOB) Mike Hoffman gave an overview of his current understanding regarding the UKRA bank account and looking at alternative banks/bank accounts.

Close of meeting

Kind Regards
UKRA Council