All About Rocketry

What is rocketry all about?

Is it about Space?
Maybe some Science and Technology?
How about Engineering or ICT or Maths?
Pyrotechnics? Electronics? or just plain Model Building?

The answer is of course ... all of the above and so much more.
Rocketry can be whatever you would like it to be, at any level you’d like it to be and can take you as far as your imagination wants it to.

Build and fly a model kits purchased from your local model store in the park with your family or friends
Scratch build a replica of a classic science fiction space craft from your favourite film
Develop a high power launch vehicle capable of braking the sound barrier or reaching altitudes of thousands of meters before parachuting safely back to earth
Be part of a team and take part in a big high altitude launch in Scotland or even travel to the USA and take part in an extreme launch
Maybe you can even capture a picture of the curvature of the earth!

There is something in rocketry for everyone.

Have you been given a MicroBit by the BBC?
Why not design a small payload as a school or scout project and fly it in a rocket! - Rocketry is a great vehicle to advance the STEM subjects in your school.
Record an inflight video of your launch?
Anything is possible whether it’s through your own design and ingenuity or simply purchasing of the shelf-components, rocketry will allow you to develop many different skills from a range different disciplines but most of all it will allow you to have fun. The thrill of seeing something you’ve built take flight and return safely can never be beaten. No matter how large or small your rocket may be.

Remember with rocketry the sky really is the limit.