Manufacturer Sites

  • AED:
    R-DAS Recording Altimeter/Accelerometer with 6 additional channels and RDAS GPS Board, On Screen Display Board, Igniter Board, Accelerometer Board, and Data Telemetry Transmitter Board
  • Aero Pack Incorporated:
    Precision CNC machined and anodized aluminum Quick-Change Motor Retainers, Quick-Change Tail-Cone Motor Retainers and Quick-Change Motor Adapters.
  • Aerotech:
    Aerotech produce Solid Rocket Motors from 18mm diameter D-class to 98mm diameter N-class, as well as Hybrid Rocket Motors of 54mm diameter J-class and 98mm diameter M-class, as well as a range of rocket kits
  • Cesaroni - Hypertek Motors Site:
    Cesaroni's Hypertek Hybrid Rocket Motor website for their range of Hybrid Rocket motors from 54mm diameter I-class to 98mm diameter N-class, as well as full Ground Support Equipment.
  • Cesaroni - ProXX site:
    Cesaroni website dedicated to their ProXX range of solid rocket motors from 38mm diameter G-class to 98mm diameter M-class.
  • Contrail Hybrids:
    38mm diameter G-class to 150mm diameter O-class hybrid rocket motors
  • Defy Gravity:
    Tether recovery deployment systems
  • Loc8tor - Rocket retrieval system:
    Loc8tor is a hand held electronic homing device which can locate mini homing tags up to 600 feet away. An ideal gadget that will make sure you don't lose anything again!
  • LOC Precision:
    Rocket kits from 29mm (1.1 inches) diameter to 190mm (7.5 inches) diameter
  • Loki Research:
    38mm diameter H-class to 76mm diameter M-class Solid Rocket Motors and the Ozark ARTS Recording Altimeter with GPS support
  • Perfectflite:
    Very small Alt15K Recording Altimeter, MiniAlt W/D Recording Altimeter, HiAlt45K Dual Event Altimeter, MicroTimer 2 and MiniTimer 3 timers.
  • Public Missiles Ltd:
    Rocket kits from 29mm (1.1 inches) diameter to 190mm (7.5 inches) diameter
  • RATTWorks:
    29mm diameter H-class to 68mm diameter M-class hybrid rocket motors
  • Rowes Retainers:
    24 to 98mm Standard motor retainers, Coned motor retainers and slimline motor retainers. Thrust rings. Custom precision rocketry engineering.