Submitting a record

To submit a rocketry altitude record, please submit to UKRA Council, with the details that are listed on all the altitude record tables, e.g.:

  • Altitude (preferably in feet and metres)
  • Rocket Name
  • Rocket Type (Kit, Modified Kit or Scratchbuilt)
  • Name of flyer or Team
  • Motor (preferably including motor designation, manufacturer, total impulse, delay, motor diameter)
  • Airframe diameter (preferably in inches and milimetres)
  • Rocket Mass (Gross Lift Off and/or Dry)
  • Recovery System (e.g. Tumble, Streamer or Parachute, Single stage or 2-stage)
  • Date (Day, month and year)
  • Launch Site (Name of Launch Site, Location, County, etc)
  • Altitude verification method (e.g. onboard altimeter/accelerometer, altimeter, accelerometer, GPS), and model and manufacturer of altitude verification system.

    Obviously, the more information someone can supply, the more accuracy for the record. So it is in the interests of anyone submitting a record, to provide all the information above, and more if they have it available (such as altimeter data files).