Youth Outreach

Model rocketry is fun, safe and educational. Many hundreds of thousands of young people around the world have built and successfully launched model rockets. UKRA are keen to promote this exciting activity among young people and have created this web page to provide a resource for youth leaders and young rocketeers.

If you need more information about starting a rocketry group in your organisation then please get in touch with us via the Contact Us link

Rocketry Resources
Do you need a training course? Look no further!

UKRA have prepared a simple and modular course to teach your young rocketeers how rockets work, and how to fly them safely. The course handbook can be downloaded and printed and is free to use.
The pictures and text from the handbook are available on a PowerPoint presentation.
There’s also a test paper with answers (no cheating please!) and answer sheets.

We also have some articles written to help with model rocket construction

We also have a wealth of information in our FAQ

Rocket Activities
Here is a list of different activities you can do with kids. Each activity contains any templates needed and full instructions.

So what other opportunities are open to young rocketeers?

UKRA’s Model Achievement Programme (MAP) encourages young people to safely build and launch model rockets. The programme starts with simple ready-to-fly kits and progressively develops model-making and technical skills.

Do you want to know more? Have a look at the MAP pages on this website.

Huntingdon District Space Challenge
The Huntingdon District Space Challenge is open to anyone, written by a brownie / guide leader and badges are available at a small cost for people who complete the challenge.

The Scouts have a badge for model rocketry. Their “Astronautics” badge was launched in October 2006. The badge includes successfully launching and recovering a model rocket. The badge syllabus can be seen on the Scoutbase website. and at the UK Space Agency page

Air Cadets
The Air Training Corps have included model rocketry on their list of approved activities. The policy for Squadrons that want to fly model rockets is in ACP 20 ACTI 75.

In order to help squadrons with the paperwork, UKRA has agreed generic risk assessments for rocket construction and rocket flying with HQ Air Cadets. The squadron needs to add local risks to these risk assessments.

Do you have any suggestions for this page? Do you want to know more about model rocketry? Then please do contact us using the UKRA Enquiries Contact Form.