As part of the current Council's ongoing work to consolidate and improve the membership systems, it has come to our attention that UKRA membership records have been kept indefinitely.

When the UKRA membership process changed, at the AGM in 2017, the members voted to grant only current members of UKRA perpetual membership.  Lapsed members, those who did not renew in 2017, are not currently members of UKRA unless they have separately joined UKRA after 2017.

* If you joined UKRA in the year of 2017 or any year after, you are not affected.
* If you joined UKRA in a year PRIOR to 2017, and renewed for the year of 2017, you are not affected.
* If you joined UKRA in a year PRIOR to 2017, and DID NOT renew for the year of 2017, you are affected, and should read the announcement below.

GDPR, UKRA's GDPR policy and our obligation to our members does not allow for keeping of historical membership information for non-members, and it is our interpretation of GDPR law that this personally identifying information cannot be kept or used for any purpose.

Therefore UKRA wish to announce that, with effect from 1st January 2024, all records for members who are not current UKRA members will be destroyed permanently.  The data purged will include certifications and qualifications as these records are intrinsically tied to personally identifiable information.

UKRA Council encourages any who wishes to be a member and who is unsure if they are a currently a member, to contact membership to confirm their current position.  Non-members who wish to have their records retained, i.e. those who were members prior to 2017 but were not members in 2017, should follow the normal UKRA joining process.

Non-members who do not re-join UKRA by 1st January 2024 will have their data purged from the UKRA membership database and will need to re-join at a later date to vote at general meetings, obtain high power certification or obtain the RSO qualification.